1. What is CollabGEO 1.0?

CollabGEO 1.0 is a two-dimensional interactive web application for understanding and teaching basic geometrical concepts for education.

2. What is the purpose of CollabGEO 1.0?

CollabGEO 1.0 is an online tool for learning and teaching mathematical geometry from primary school up to the high school level.

3. Which browsers are supported by CollabGEO 1.0?

CollabGEO 1.0 is supported by all modern desktop web browsers available on desktops, tablets, laptop and mobiles.

4. Does it work offline?

CollabGEO 1.0 is a Web Application, so a secure internet connection and web browser is required. Once the page is accessible, user can work offline but will need an internet connectivity to collaborate or save files from your device browser.

5. Can I save the created geometry?

Yes. Any 2D geometry created on CollabGEO 1.0 web session can be saved locally in a native JSON file format.

6. What is the Collaborate feature in CollabGEO 1.0?

Collaborate feature allow users to connect to CollabGEO 1.0 server with a session link provided by another user. A collaborative session for creation of geometry and adding text by users connected happens in real-time sharing of data.

7. Can I take a print of the created geometry?

Yes. CollabGEO 1.0 allows users to take a preview and print on a local printer of their created geometry and text.

8. Can I also export geometry and text in CollabGEO 1.0 canvas?

Yes. Canvas data is exported to SVG file format.